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Monday, January 3, 2011


Today I finally got to make the trip to the airport.

It's been over two weeks, and lots has happened since I dropped my boyfriend off at the airport. I have found new expression on this blog. I have met a group of people that I felt comfortable with and who helped me to expressed long repressed emotions. And I am beginning to feel the solidity of my self-confidence and security.

I spoke with my therapist for just a moment today, and I told her everything that had happened over the last couple weeks. And I told her how I have been feeling personally. Words fail to describe how I was feeling, first after having such a big week personally, and then after just having reunited with my boyfriend. The only thing I can think of is that I felt complete. Whole. And truly happy.

I spent the day with my boyfriend. This afternoon we took a nap together. I haven't slept so well in the past two weeks. There's just something about feeling the one you love close by that enables you to fully relax. It's as if I was finally able to sleep after a long bout of insomnia.

I also love the small things that happen almost without notice while you sleep. I still smile when I think of the day we woke up from a nap, laying side by side, hands clasped between us. He nuzzled his nose into my neck and said "This is so nice. Why haven't we done this before?" I smiled. "We have sweetie. We do it a lot in the middle of the night."

This afternoon I woke up just a bit, just barely enough to gain consciousness. I felt him close, turned and kissed his cheek. And then I got a sleep kiss from him.

And then I got to wake up to those eyes. :)

Anyway, I'll stop carrying on. Although this blog is for me, I realize that I should keep it from getting too cheesey, for others' sake.

As a last note, we went to see Black Swan tonight. It was beautiful, but dark. And I feel there's more than meets the eye. So I'll ponder it over the next day, and write a bit about it later.


BLB said...

See what happens when we celebrate the little victories in life? Be it a bf, or a new job, or just waking up in the morning feeling alive, it's always helpful to count our many blessings and name them one by one, as the song goes.

Ty said...

Amen! Life is too short not to live to its fullest.

apronkid said...

So cheesey... you could squeeze this post out on crackers and eat it for a midnight snack :P

I'm just kidding. This is cute :)

It's strange; we saw Black Swan at the same time (maybe couple days apart, but hey) in pretty much polar opposite situations, on complete opposite sides of the country, and it ended up sparking one of my most troubling blog posts... I'm not looking for sympathy. This lovely post just strikes an interesting comparison (at least to me) in coincidence.

Good luck if you do plan on watching Black Swan again. I still freak out when I look at hangnails or nail files :P

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