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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Under Construction

So, this isn't quite what I want it to be yet, but I'm working on getting this thing into a classier version of its former self.

As for the change of title and topic, I wanted to make it into something that I would use more, something that I could use to post my thoughts about anything, any time. So it's going to be about seeing life through different eyes.

I take the title from something I wrote about a year ago.

Beneath the surface lies a world so few see,
A world that most do not understand,
neither do they try.
A world of love and passion,
Of heartbreak and woe,
A world of shadows straining to find
who they are and where they belong.

I have found this world,
because I am a part of it.
Part of the shadow that flees the sun 
for a refuge of safety and peace.

I know the restraint of hiding from the day,
of seeking a place of solitude where my heart can find its home.

I know the chains of living one life by day,
and another by night.

I know the yearning of the shadow for love.
Need that the day cannot understand.

I know the fire of infant love as it courses through me,
reaching at last my aching heart.

I know the beauty of meeting the morn
with the eyes of glory looking into mine.

Though I am shadow,
I know the perfection of a completed heart.
I know its scarcity;
I know its grace;
I know its worth.

So how unlike the day can I truly be?
How different am I,
Though I walk in night to guard my heart?

My love is as yours.
My heart beats for peace,
As yours.

I am the shadow
But I am not the dark.
My soul is light.
My heart is love.
And my hand is strength.

Though I must hide from the day,
I will not fall.
I will not lose faith in the strength of human will.
Though I live in night,
I will believe.
I will live strong.
And when the world of shadow is finally ready to meet the day,
And when the day has found love and compassion for the shadow,
I will be there,


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