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Monday, May 16, 2011

Black Notebook #3

This one needed its own.

What more do you want from me?!
What more can I give?
I stand on the shore and scream
at your endless expanse.
You rock back and forth on the sand,
innocence denying inner greed.
    You lie to everyone.
Your mellow show makes me the villain.
How can I not comply,
seeing you ask so little?
You simply want a shore to dance on.
Is that so much?

But others don't see,
see the lust with which you storm my door.
When eyes are turned,
when day has fallen,
you attack me,
demand of me,
command to me,
strip me of all but a saline aftertaste.

Billowing waves have stolen
my home,
my childhood,
my pride.
Your hurricane fury has even struck my
health and heart,
leaving me broken in flesh,
and failing in faith.

By day I try to hide my shattered form,
covering my worn and torn visage.
Few who could see me as I am
would offer me unselfish mercy.
     Thus even in your passive slumber
you take from me.

What else do you want?!
What can satiate the hunger
that everything else has failed to satisfy?
What else,
you miserable wretch?

I will not concede.
I will not stay broken.
I will not be defeated.
I will fight.
I will destroy you.
And one day the rage that fuels you
will dry the ocean from your bones.
And I will stand on the rocks
and laugh.


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