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Sunday, June 19, 2011


I spent the weekend at home. Parts of it were really nice. Parts of it were not.

If my parents make me feel awful every time I am around them, eventually I'm going to stop coming home. I wish they would just get that. But they don't.

I'm so tired of being guilted and shamed. It gets even harder, because when I feel like crap like that I can't tell if it is because of what they're doing, or if it is because this really is the wrong thing for me. But being with my boyfriend tonight felt wonderful. Entirely calm and peaceful.

I want so much to make peace with my parents, but they seem entirely keen on continually pounding me. I'm not a child! Release your iron grips on my wrists and let me stand on my own! And if I need to completely fall on my face, then let me!

I'm so sick of the anger and the hurt. I'm so tired of the inner conflict and the frustration. Why can't they let me heal? Why can't they let me become strong? My fear and submission to them binds me. I'm so tired of being chained.

I want freedom.


mohoguy said...

I understand and you may need to do as you suggest and step away for a while. It is particularly hard when parents think they are helping but really they are only responding to their own fear. You probably know for yourself what is best for you! Love them but don't let them hurt you. Regards, Brad

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